10 Best Drinking Games To Jazz Up Your Next Home Party

Best Drinking Games

Drinking Games are the best thing that you can do while partying.

Music, Lights, Snacks, Drinks, and a fun Drinking Game that all you need to take your party to the next level. Nothing can be more exciting than taking the sip of shots and knowing the weird secrets of your friends at the same time. There are lots of Drinking Games that can make your party super hit whether you are with friends, colleagues, or with your partner. 

Drinking Games can be played in the group, between couples, twos and in pairs. If you want to kill the boredom while partying nothing can be better than playing these Games.

So here are 10 Fun Drinking Games that can rock your party:

1. Drunk Jenga

All you Need: Drinks, Jenga

Game Rules:

It’s similar to ordinary Jenga, but 54 Jenga blocks with funny and crazy challenges make it different. A person needs to pick up one block from the set pile of blocks with one hand and place it on top. In case he fails to do and the stack falls, the member needs to chug the drink and choose two blocks to complete the challenges.

2. Never Have I Ever 

All You Need: Only Drink

Never Have I Ever Considered the best and favorite Drink Game to know the Dark secrets of your friends.

Game Rules:

Each group member needs to tell one thing that they have never done in their life. The person who did that thing will take a sip of their drink. For example, when I say, “Never have I ever arrested,” all those in the group who have been arrested will have a drink. The purpose of this game to know the embarrassing stories of your friends, so choose your things wisely!

3. King’s Cup

All you Need: Drinks, cards

Game Rules:

King’s Cup is the best fit when playing with a large number of people or groups. Every time a person needs to pick a card and have to do what the list below says. The drunker, the better!

4. Shot Roulette

All you Need: Vodka, Water, Shot Glasses

Game Rules:

Shot Roulette is one of the best Drinking Game for Adults. To play this game, get a tray of shot glasses, half of them need to be filled with water and the remaining half with vodka. The member who is participating has to guess what’s substance is there in the glass without sniffing. They then take the shot. If the guess incorrect, they have to take another sip.

5. Straight Face

All you Need: Drinks

Game Rules:

Keeping a straight face is tough when somebody is drunk. Make small pieces of paper and write some funny or inappropriate sentences on them- these sentences should be tough to read while keeping a straight face. Each person picks up a chit of paper and tries to read it while keeping a straight face. The one who giggles or reacts has to drink!

6. Flip Cup

All you Need: Drinks, Cups, Table

Game Rules:

Each member must finish their drink and flip the cup with there fingers to the upside-down position before the next member begins. The team that completes it first will win.  

The game should be play in teams. Two teams stand opposite sides of the table and keep their cups with drinks at the edge. One by one members of the team finish their drink and flip the cup with their fingers to the upside-down position before the next member drink. 

7. Beer Pong

All you Need: Drinks, Cups, Table

Game Rules:

Beer pong is the super fun Drink Game for Teams. To play this game, build the pyramid of cups on both ends of the table. Now its time to fill the cups with the drink of your choice and get a ping pong ball.

The teams have to throw the ball into the other team’s cups from some distance. If the team gets success in throwing the ping pong ball into the opponent’s cup, they have to drink its contents.

8. Attached at the Hip

All you Need: Drinks

Game Rules:

Attached at the hip could be an awesome Drinking game for your guests – it will bring them close! To play this game, you need to write body parts on pieces of paper and put all of them together.

Now Make a team of two and picks up two chits. Two of them need to touch each other’s body parts together that are mentioned on the chits. Every time someone separates, they take a shot.

9. Bite the Bag

All you Need: Drinks, Paper Bag

Game Rules:

No doubt, Bite the bag is one of the best most Fun Drinking Games, keep a paper bag on the floor and take turns to lean and pick it up using only from the mouth. Not forget, No hands or object allowed. If persons unable to pick the bag, they have to drink.

As each turn complete an inch of the bag should be cut, the game will continue till only the bottom of the bag is left. 

10. Most Likely

All you Need: Drinks

Game Rules:

This is the best Drinking Game to chill out with your friends. Each member sits in a circle and asks a ‘most likely’ question. Eg – “Who would be most likely to drive in a day?” Begin counting till three, everyone should point at a person who they think is most likely to do so. The person who gets the maximum number of fingers pointed at them, drinks as many drinks.

So, if you are planning your next house party be ready with these Drinking Games to surprise your guests.

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