Beard Or Weird? ‘Monkey Tail Beard’ is The New Fashion Trend of 2021

Monkey Tail Beard

Have you heard about – Monkey Tail Beard, A bizarre new Men’s Facial hair Fashion trend taken over the internet and this time? This weird style is following by many men due to curiosity or as an experiment.

Yup, they are trimming their beards into the shape of a monkey’s tail that we are unable to understand what to call it – A beard or Weird?

How to Grow Monkey Tail Beard ?

It is also known as a cat tail beard. To get this look men groom their beards and mustache into a long tail-like shape that starts at one sideburn, runs down the jawline, along the chin, and then curls up around the side of the mouth, and then ends above the top lip. 

For many of us, it may look like a funny thing or we can laugh by seeing men with this Monkey Tail Beard. But there’s no denying that it’s eye-catching and deserves a mention. 

This quirky facial hairstyle got attention back in 2019 when MLB baseball player Mike Fiers flaunt his monkey tail beard during a game. 

Since the many people trying this Bizarre Style no matter what other people saying about it:





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