US Tops Medal Count in Tokyo with 39 golds to 38 for China, women’s dominance Remarkable

US Tokyo Olympics

The Tokyo Olympics are now coming to its end with the closing ceremony. These games were supposed to happen in 2020 but that was not possible due to the Covid pandemic. The japan decided to organized in 2021 and finally, it has completed. 

The American women have given remarkable performance toward leading the medal count. In the Tokyo Olympics, they hit the accelerator with 66 Medals out of 113.

With their brilliant performance, U.S. finishes first in the overall medal count with 113 to China’s 88, including 39 golds to 38 for China. 

Sarah Hirshland, CEO of the U.S. Olympic and Paralympic Committee Said that “Fundamentally, access to women sport in our country is catching up to the elite levels and we’re blessed that we’ve seen progress.” 

In this Olympics, American women set some of the memorable and iconic moments. 

“I’ve seen other U.S. athletes do such incredible things these Games,” Seidel said.

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